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Cheapest Ivy Bridge desktop starts at $86

by on08 March 2012

Q3 2012 launch

We still don’t know the official branding of Ivy Bridge Pentium chips, but we are aware of plans for at least one SKU.

Intel plans to launch a Pentium branded Ivy Bridge and replace the G860 Pentium that currently holds the key position in L3 Legacy market. This 3.0GHz 32nm Sandy Bridge dual-core with two treads is currently available and sells for $86. Let’s not forget the 3MB cache size.

In Q2 2012 the Pentium family gets a new member, the 3.1GHz clocked G870, and both G870 and G860 get replaced in L3 market segment by an unnamed Ivy Bridge Pentium. We know that it should start selling for $86 and that this will be the cheapest of 22nm based desktop Ivy Bridge. The launch is scheduled for Q3, so this SKU should be ready for back to school period.

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