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Apple in Korean war

by on07 March 2012

Samsung fighting on its home ground

Samsung has filed another lawsuit against Apple Inc in South Korea, claiming the iPhone 4S and iPad2 infringed on three of its patents.

Samsung said the fresh suit filed in Seoul court, covers three utility patents and involves methods of displaying data, the user interface, and short text messages. Both outfits are fighting more than 30 cases in 10 countries since Apple fired its first salvo in April, claiming Samsung "slavishly" copied its iPhone and iPad models.

Samsung counter-sued, saying Apple infringed on its patents and failed to pay royalties. Apple is also involved in patent battles in separate disputes with other smartphone makers using Google's Android. The war was started by Steve Jobs who said he was prepared to blow all his companies money suing Android because he felt it copied him. His followers have continued the fatwah after his death. [Not the first time a totalitarian ideology with a disturbing personality cult is trying to impose its will south of the 38th parallel. Ed.]

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