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AMD involved with PS4

by on24 February 2012

Is this the kiss of death

For a while Sony has been talking about mothballing its Playstation games console and there is even a rumour that there will be no such thing as a Playstation 4.

However business news source Forbes, who has been taking a rubber hose to chip-maker AMD 's new CEO Rory Read has discovered that the man in charge will be personal overseeing production of Sony’s next home gaming toy. It seems that while the top-names in the company including CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment America, Jack Tretton, as well as Worldwide Studios President, Shuhei Yoshida have all said that tat claims were that the PS3 successor was in production were rubbish, they forgot to tell their suppliers to shut up.

Forbes said that its Read’s job to make sure AMD doesn’t screw up its slate of new products-which includes a hush-hush effort to put its graphics chips in Sony’s still-unannounced new game console. This means that a Playstation 4 could be coming soon, and Sony has dropped NVIDIA’s chips from its console.

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