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American Nightmare for the PC?

by on23 February 2012

Seems likely, but nothing to announce yet

Hot off the excellent sales path of Alan Wake on the PC, people want to know if the saga is going to continue with the XBLA release of Alan Wake’s American Nightmare. American Nightmare was just released on the Xbox 360.

Remedy’s official position is that currently they have nothing to announce about a potential port of American Nightmare to the PC platform. However, sources tell us quietly that they would not bet against a conversion of American Nightmare for the PC based on the strong sales of the Alan Wake PC release. It will apparently have a lot to do with Microsoft; but it does seem very likely to happen, one source told us.

While Remedy’s official position is that they will see, we think it is going to be a while before we see it on the PC if they decide to do it. Remedy will want to maximize the title on the Xbox 360 before porting it to the PC.

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