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BestBuy to carry Eee PC 4G with Windows XP

by on31 March 2008


To come to BestBuy shelves in April for $399

It seems that BestBuy has not ignored the Eee PC revolution. While we have been hearing for the last several weeks that BestBuy has been talking to Asus about doing a deal to carry the Eee PC in their stores, the deal seems to have been done; in April BestBuy will be carrying the Eee PC 4G with Windows XP.

The deal is a big one for Asus, who has enjoyed much success with the Eee PC. Some potential customers have been put off by the fact that they cannot see the Eee PC before buying one. With potential customers soon being able to touch the Eee PC this could lead to even more sales and success for the Eee PC.

The model that BestBuy will be selling is a Windows XP version of the Eee PC, which is likely better suited for retail sales, as the Linux version was more targeted toward the hobbyist market space or users who were looking more at the price tag and its abilities instead of the fact that it didn’t offer Windows XP.

The $399 version of the Eee PC to be sold at BestBuy is a pretty impressive configuration for the money. In addition to Windows XP, the BestBuy Eee PC configuration will also include Microsoft Works. According to initial reports, the XP configuration of the Eee PC is good, but it runs short on storage space. The 4GB SSD just does not provide enough space for many users, and this is something that potential buyers need to take into consideration. Asus is said to have a new version in the works that will include the ability to expand the storage capacity in a future version.

The Eee PC continues to be a hit with many enthusiasts who have formed a very active modding community and have found all kinds of ways to enhance, expand, and add to the ability of previous released versions of the Eee PC.

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Last modified on 31 March 2008
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