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Teens ignore MP3 ear damage

by on28 March 2008


Loud as possible,

teens are
turning up the music on their MP3 players, even though they know it is killing their hearing.

The study, based on interviews with
Dutch kids, indicates that there was a high level of awareness among teens about the damage MP3 player music did to their ears. Yet, most of them played their MP3 players at full volume.

Apparently, some of the kids thought they were different and would not be effected by the same music levels that could render an elephant deaf in a minute. According to the Journal of Pediatrics, which we get to line the budgie cage at Fudzilla HQ,  parents need to step in if the teen complains that the music is becoming muffled or they have ringing in their ears.

Parents also need to do more to warn
children of the dangers.
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