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British bloke comes up with bamboo smartphone

by on03 February 2012

OK if you are a panda

A British student who was fed up with the boring designs of smartphones has come up with an idea which involves using bamboo.

Scott Woodhouse posted his design online and an entrepreneur got in touch and now there are plans to bring his creation to market. Woodhouse's design is a a unibody smartphone with its casing carved from a single block of bamboo. Called the ADzero, its casing incorporates organically grown bamboo which has been specially treated to improve its durability.

Woodhouse said that Bamboo was strong and very durable, perfect qualities for this kind of application. It is also sustainable and abundant. The ADzero has a ring flash circling the lens which is not see these days and it improve pictures taken in low light, offering even illumination and eliminating unwanted shadows. Not too much is known about the ADzero’s tech specs at the present time, though Woodhouse says it will be half the weight of Apple’s iPhone, have a larger screen as well, and be powered by the Android.

It will be seen in China later this year, but was so well received at a recent design show in London that the decision has been made to release it in the UK first.

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