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Gamesaving cheaters being dealt with

by on26 March 2008


Microsoft has already warned about tampering

Cheating at video games has been a pretty big pastime for some players who really need to get a life. No matter whether it is on the PC or the Xbox 360, it just seems that some people can’t take a hint that cheating just isn’t cool. Microsoft warned people last year that cheating should be something that you steer clear of, as they are going to deal with cheaters on Xbox Live.

On the Xbox 360, a new method of cheating had been discovered which has become known as “Gamesaving.” Gamesaving is a cheating method whereby players save their progress on a game and then modify the saved game data to increase their score. While this is, of course, a clear violation of the Microsoft terms of service for Xbox Live, it still didn’t seem to stop those in search of getting a high score by using any means possible.

Today, Microsoft acted upon their warning by teaching these cheaters a lesson. Microsoft first wiped all of their score out for the game and then they tagged these cheaters’ profiles with a message saying that they had been caught cheating and that their score had been reset for doing so. In addition, all of their achievements earned up to that point will not be able to be acquired again. However, they can collect new achievements, if they meet the requirements.

Of course, Microsoft says that they go through a very strict process to make sure that before labeling someone a cheater that they are 100% sure that the criteria has been met to classify that the player has actually cheated to get their scores. According to what we have been able to figure out, those who have cheated or have been designated a cheater cannot appeal.

Microsoft claims that their system is pretty good at determining who is cheating and who is not. All we can say is that Microsoft had better be certain they know what they are doing, as this could get very ugly, very quickly if the wrong people are accused; but we have to applaud their efforts to deal with cheaters. Unlike a lot of companies in the video game industry, at least Microsoft is trying to do something about it.

Last modified on 26 March 2008
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