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Dual-core Ivy Bridge comes in week of May 6th

by on23 January 2012

Mobile version

We already told you that Ivy Bridge based Core i 3000 series mobile processors should come to market by April 8th and Intel will kick off with a few quad-core processors.

The launch list includes Core i7 3920XM, i7 3829M, Core i7 3720QM processors as well as HM77, UM77, HM76, HM75 chipsets. This will be the first batch but the second batch made up of dual-core Ivy Bridge processors should launch in the week of May 6th. It can launch any day between May 6th and May 12th and this is the current schedule.

The second batch of dual cores will include Core i7 3520M, Core i5 3360M as well as ultra-low voltage based Core i7 3667U and Core i5 3427U. The last two processors are 17W parts while the first few are 35W TDP parts. You can also expect to see QS77 and QM77 chipset to launch at the same time.

May will be a good time for many notebook launches and we are quite sure that there will be dozen other similar dual and quad cores based on Ivy Bridge to launch after this date.

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