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Nvidia wants to get Tegra into more cars

by on18 January 2012

More than just navigation

One of the things that we keep hearing as a big business opportunity for ARM manufacturers is to get their chips in cars. We heard this before, but this time we are not talking about navigation / entertainment systems.

The idea behind the concept is that more and more cars will come with collision detection mechanisms, road tracking that can keep your car stay in the high way lane. It gets better, the car can now lock on the car in front of you and accelerate and decelerate with it, so called adaptive cruise control with some manufacturers.

Fancier cars today come with elaborate stability assistance systems and many other features that might put such processors to good use, for something far more useful than just navigation and playing music.

This is where companies including Nvidia see potential to grow sales, and we are sure that Qualcomm, Marvell, Texas Instruments won’t neglect this market.

However, just the thought that your car might end up with a Geforce chip inside that will help your safety sounds quite intimidating.

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