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Foxconn workers threaten mass suicide

by on12 January 2012

Human cost of high tech toys

Foxconn is confirming that a group its workers threatened to jump from a factory building on January 2.

A group of about 150 workers staged a demonstration in opposition of plans to reassign them to new production lines. They were apparently employed in a production line churning out components for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 in Wuhan, southern China.

The dispute was resolved the same day following talks between the workforce, execs and government officials. It is not clear how many worker threatened suicide. Foxconn got in the news in 2010 after a spate of suicides in its massive factories in southern China. The company went so far to install nets on some dormitories in the plant, to prevent the workers from leaping to their deaths.

Microsoft said the protest was related to staffing assignments and transfer policies and had nothing to do with working conditions. Foxconn also stated that the welfare of employees will remain its top priority.

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