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Samsung, Sony, Vizio jump Google TV gravy train

by on06 January 2012

Marvell to supply reference SoC design

LG might be the first outfit to showcase a Google TV at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, but the competition is not far behind.

Samsung, Sony and Vizio are also expected to show their smart TV designs at CES and let’s not forget Apple, either. The first Android TVs should roll out by the end of the year, probably along with Apple’s first TVs, but smart TVs are expected to really take off next year.

The advent of smart TVs should bring about a revolution of sorts, as it will enable cross platform integration of plain PCs, smartphones and tablets, all around a media hub in the form of a smart TV. With increasingly powerful processors and relatively mature operating systems, vendors will probably have little trouble coming up with feature packed TVs that could attract quite a few consumers. Basically, comparing today’s TVs to smart TVs is a bit like comparing plain “dumb” phones of years gone by to iPhones or Android smartphones.

In related news, Marvell has been tapped as the supplier of ARM chipsets for Google TV, squeezing out Intel’s Atom variants. The dual-core ARMADA 1500 chipset is said to feature high definition video processing and enough muscle to cope with two simultaneous 1080p streams, but we will deal with it in detail in a separate article.

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