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Gingerbread, Froyo still dominant Android versions

by on05 January 2012

ICS and Honeycomb have tiny margins

According to Android developers, the vast majority of Android devices are currently running various Gingerbread variants, with no ICS update in sight.

Overall, Gingerbread 2.3.x is happily running on 55.5 percent of all Android devices out there, but Froyo is still going strong, with 30.4, while 8.5 percent of users are, for lack of a better word, stuck with Éclair.

Only 0.6 percent of Android devices run Ice Cream Sandwich versions, which is hardly surprising given the fact that only one phone ships with the new OS and updates are rolling out at the pace of a tired snail returning home from a funeral.

Android tablet sales in 2011 were not too impressive, and the tablet-centric Honeycomb is used on 3.3 percent of all Android devices. This is actually a good score, as Honeycomb’s share was under 1 percent just a few months ago.

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