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Lightning strikes twice for Stratfor

by on28 December 2011

Hacked by Anonymous twice

Stratfor, the US security firm whose website was compromised at the weekend by members of the anarchic computer-hacking group Anonymous, has reported that victims of the attack have had their credit cards used again.

Victims of the attack, mostly employees of major companies or agencies which use Stratfor's, learnt at Christmas that their names, addresses and credit card details had been published online. The cards were then used to make large donations to major charities.

Now it seems that Stratfor is warning that the cards were being used again if the victims complained to the press. On another webiste Anonymous used another website to mock victims who spoke to the Associated Press about their experience. Its said "We went ahead and ran up your card a bit."

Stratfor, which is based in Texas, provides analysis that helps customers to reduce their exposure to risk.  We would have thought it should have known better and failed to take basic steps to encrypt customer data.

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