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SSD sales to soar thanks to drop in NAND price

by on25 November 2011

Kingston looking at strong 2012

NAND flash prices are expected to fall to a point where they can really give HDD a run for their money, According Kingston Technology average pricing for 1GB of NAND flash memory will likely fall to US$1 which will make the technology a meaningful replacement of hard disk drives (HDDs) by SSDs.

Nathan Su, flash memory sales director of Kingston has been shuffling his Tarot cards and worked out that all this will happen in the third quarter of 2012.  He will also meet a tall dark stranger, but that is probably not important right now.

Lower GB costs will happen when major flash chipmakers' transition to 19nm and more advanced manufacturing processes, Su said. The high cost of flash has been a major issue slowing down the adoption of SSDs.

He thinks that tight supplies of HDDs caused by Thailand's floods will likely spur demand for SSDs in particular for low-capacity, industrial-grade products.

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