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More woe for RIM

by on17 November 2011

Sued for nicking BBX name

Just when things could not get worse for the Canadian telco outfit RIM, a  New Mexico  company has sued it to stop using its BBX trademark. Basis had threatened in October  to take legal action against RIM unless it stops calling its operating system BBX.

"Basis built the BBX brand over the course of a quarter of a century to become synonymous with the term 'operating system independent,'" Chief Executive Nico Spence said in a statement.

He said that RIM just unilaterally nicked the name for its BlackBerry operating system and is destroying that association.

The firm has product licenses installed worldwide with the "BBX" prefix that run on Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems, among others. RIM has not commented about the legal action.

Life has been really dire for RIM lately. Its shares has lost over 67 percent of their value in one year, it is losing market share to Android and Apple, and it is Canadian.

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