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Second 3DS CPU to unlock more power?

by on11 November 2011

25% more processing power for games

Rumors circulating from the Nintendo development community talk of a second CPU that could be unlocked for developers, which could offer as much as a 25% performance boost for games. The second CPU is already in existing units; and apparently up to this point has only been used for running the operating system on the 3DS.

Perhaps the most appealing news is that Nintendo has apparently designed a much more efficient method to run stereoscopic 3D images without taxing the primary CPU as much. This, of course, would lead to much better performance and open up some very interesting possibilities for developers.

Beyond these two rumors, unconfirmed reports say that Nintendo has informed developers that they have raised the eShop download title size again. With the latest increase, developers will have 512MB to work with, which is a big increase over the 16MB of today. Nintendo is also apparently exploring the idea of being able to patch games via the eShop and, in addition, allow for the download and sale of extra content.

Sample more about what is going on in Nintendo world here.

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