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Kal El gets Tegra 3 name

by on20 October 2011

Video on YouTube

Nvidia's Kal El is officially Tegra 3. This has been revealed at YouTube video posted by minipcpro of Kal -El Tegra 3 in action.

The video shows what Tegra 3 can do and it doesn't reveal much more than we already knew. Browsing with flash should be faster, while tablets and later phones based on Tegra 3 will bring a console quality gaming.

Of course the video hints at full HD video support and the ability to connect your Tegra 3 tablet to a TV and watch a full HD video. However, vendors still have a long way to go towards coming up with practical docks, apps and peripherals that could take advantage of HDMI output and HD video support. It’s just a pity to see HDMI capable ARM devices not being put to good use, since they already have plenty of power replace media players and, to some extent, HTPCs.

Quad core multitasking should be significantly faster and some people who have played with Transformer 2 have said that it looked much snappier than the old Tegra 2 transformer. The new tablet should be out by November 9, if Asus’ boss gave away the real date.  

The video is

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