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Uncharted 3 to buck the DLC trend

by on17 October 2011

No single-player DLC for the title after release

Leave it to developer Naughty Dog to buck the current trend of bringing lots of extra DLC out to supplement Uncharted 3. The developer has apparently let it be known that they will not be releasing any single-player DLC for Uncharted 3 after release.

The Dog says that they would rather just build another new game rather than get into the business of releasing episodic content. While they admit that the idea of DLC episodic content sounds good on the surface, when you get into the size restrictions and such they realize it would be a “dialed back” offering; and that is just not something that they want to do.

While it is possible that the Dog might release some sort of DLC for Uncharted, they promise that it isn’t going to be single-player episodic content. It could be something multiplayer related, but that has yet to be decided at this time.

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