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Qualcomm kicks Intel out of the iPhone

by on14 October 2011

MDM6610 replaces Intel's baseband chips

Qualcomm is displacing Intel in the iPhone 4S, according to IHS.

If you void the warranty on your iPhone 4S by taking the back off it you will find Qualcomm’s MDM6610 chip. Apple had previously used baseband chips from Qualcomm and Infineon Technologies wireless unit, which is now owned by Intel. Baseband processors convert radio signals into sound and data, are among the most expensive bits in a smart phone.

Apple’s decision means that Qualcomm will be supplying the main radio for more than 80 percent of those devices. It is not all bad for Intel, Apple will continue to sell the older models at reduced prices, but it is a thumbs down for its future moves into mobile devices and electronics.

The Qualcomm chip can manage two dominant phone standards: the global system for mobile communications and code division multiple access.

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