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42 percent of US consumers want Windows tablets

by on07 October 2011

Twice as many as iOS or Android
We came across an interesting survey from Boston Consulting Group who came across some interesting data.

They did a survey asking people in China and USA what operating system one would prefer on its tablet. The results could be described as shocking, since 44 percent of consumers in Chine want Windows on their tablets, while in US some 42 want the same.

Apple’s iOS, the ultra-popular and most prolific operating system for tablets is preferred by 34 percent of Chinese customers while in the Apple loving US this number surprisingly drops to 27 percent. One would believe that iOS’ biggest stronghold is iUSA, but this does not seem to be the case.

Android is wanted by 18 percent Chinese and 20 percent of USA customers while Blackberry is preferred by 2 percent of Chinese and 9 percent of Americans. Palm OS is preferred by 2 percent of Chinese and 3 percent of Americans and while Meego is a no go for Americans at all, it has one percent supporters in China.

We might have to add some data from Europeans. Two weeks ago at the customer oriented event organized by big distributer Ingram Micro. We talked to a few tablet manufacturers who said that a lot of computer selling customers have just heard about Android for tablets, but as soon as they learn that a tablet doesn’t run Windows, they lose interest.

Tablet manufacturers in Europe believe that Windows 8 is going to be super popular in Europe, despite the fact that it will come two years after Apple’s introduction of the most popular tablet and tablet OS.

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