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Unlocked Llano A series comes in Q4

by on22 September 2011
One A8 and one A6
We just wrote about Trinity and its planned introduction in Q2 2012 but before this happens, Llano expects at least one more overhaul. We are talking about the K version, an overclocking friendly version of this A series Llano CPUs.

We heard rumours of unlocked Llanos before, but we got confirmation from well informed industry sources that cannot be named for obvious reasons. The best of Llano that can remain a 100W TPD part that should launch in Q4 2011 unlocked is AMD A8 3870K. This is a quad core with 3.0GHz and naturally overclockers should be able to push it for a bit more.

This CPU sits on top and kind of replaces currently available AMD A8 3850 2.9GHz clocked and non overclockable quad core. AMD A6 3670K is another 100W quad core unlocked candidate and this 2.7GHz core will have ability to get to higher speeds. This one replaces AMD A6 3650, a quad core clocked at 2.6GHz, but it looks like that they will coexist until Trinity comes and replaces it sometime in Q2 2012.

The graphics remains the same as AMD A6 3670K continues to enjoy the company of Radeon HD 6530 DirectX 11 graphics while AMD A8 3870K still has Radeon HD 6550HD graphics with DirectX 11 support.
Last modified on 22 September 2011
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