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Asus Transformer 2 is TF201

by on21 September 2011

Kal-El inside
Nvidia has just revealed to the world that it has fifth, hidden low power core in its quad core Kal-El mobile system on chip.

This was kind of a surprise in the dawn of launch, but more importantly we have captured some official branding and some early graphics performance. We repeatedly said that Asus Transformer 2 will be the first device to ship with Kal-El, most likely Tegra 3, but the official product name is Asus Pad Transformer TF201.

This again means that the brand name can be different and that Transformer 2 is a viable option. In some early GLBenchmark 2.1 scores, in Egypt Offscreen 720p Kal-El scores 53.0 FPS, while Tegra 2 churns out 29.2 FPS.

You can see that Kal-El is significantly faster. It is not twice as fast but it’s getting close to this mark. In Egypt Standard test Kal-El scores 40.6 FPS while Tegra 2 in Asus Transformer 1 scores 21.9FPS.

This gives you a clear picture that Kal-El ends up significantly faster than Tegra 2 and with some luck, it should be out in October time. Speaking of Egypt, Mubarak won't be out in October, or ever for that matter.
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