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Corsair doubles its Flash Voyager GT

by on28 February 2008


Now weighing in at 16GB


Corsair has announced that it will showcase its new Corsair Flash Voyager GT at CeBIT, which is the one that is now going to be available in 16GB capacity. The plain Flash Voyager is available in 32GB capacity, but data transfer rates of the GT part aren't something that should be taken lightly.

According to the press release, the Flash Voyager GT offers data transfer rates that are up to 4x faster than those of standard USB 2.0 flash drives. This is possible due to the advanced flash controller technology and hand picked NAND flash chips. According to the data table that can be found on Corsair's site, it takes 2 seconds to copy 20 office files (1.06MB) and 98 seconds to copy a 1.63GB movie, while an average USB needs 5 seconds for the same amount of office files and up to 358 seconds for 1.63GB movie.

This is a great result, but like everyone else, we would like to see it with our own eyes and maybe even do some other tests. Corsair's Flash Voyager GT also comes with an all-rubber case, which makes this drive water and shock resistant, and has TrueCrypt encryption software for maximum data security.

As mentioned, the new 16GB Flash Voyager GT will be showcased at CeBIT, and according to the press release, it is available immediately at the suggested price of US$169.99. As with all Corsair flash products, this one is backed by a 10-year limited warranty.


Last modified on 29 February 2008
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