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Psychonauts back with DoubleFine

by on15 June 2011

Publishing rights again secure with developer
Sources confirm to us that developer DoubleFine has been trying to secure the entire rights to Psychonauts. We are told that while the deal with Majesco to re-acquire the rights has yet to be totally completed, an official announcement from DoubleFine is expected soon. After the announcement, it is expected that DoubleFine will be able to receive revenue from this highly praised game from all of the sources that are currently selling both the Xbox and PC version of the title.

While Psychonauts didn’t exactly set the sales charts on fire, it has over time become a well-known classic that many gamers have wanted to see a sequel from. Tim Shafer has commented in the past that they would like to produce a sequel for Psychonauts, but it would take support from a publisher to get the project off the ground.

Many believe that a well done sequel for Psychonauts could be a big hit this time around, because so many more people know about the title. While DoubleFine has no word yet if a sequel is coming, we do suspect that securing the rights is a big first step in making this possibility a reality.
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