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Workstation Ivy Bridge platform is Carlow

by on18 May 2011

1H 2012 launch
Processors that come in desktop and mobile flavours usually end up in workstation and servers, at least in Intel's world.

Intel is happy selling Bromolow 2011 workstation platform with Sandy Bridge processor and 32nm native CPU and graphics, but in 2012 it plans to ship to Carlow Xeon E3 1200 V2 processor. The new name is just a fancy server / workstation designation for the new Ivy Bridge 22nm processor. The chipsets in workstation world are still pin compatible to old C200 series but it will be called C210, again a fancy name for Panther Point.

Intel claims that Carlow platform has better energy efficiency and many will like that 22nm processor is faster than the current one, can get to higher clock at the same or lower TDP, brings official native USB 3.0 support and Intel HD graphics with DirectX 11 support. Media performance should get better and some workstation customers will like that while working in Auto cad and transcending movies in background.

The new platform is also compatible with Sandy Bridge processors and new Xeon E3 1200 V2 processor should work in current Bromolow 2011 motherboard, naturally after a bios update. Chipset is also pin compatible with cougar point aka C200 series chipset. The new platform also supports three independent displays as well as next gene manageability and security and Intel vPro AMT 8.0.

It will come in 20W to 92W versions, which is quite good for dual and quad core server / workstation CPUs.
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