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Cryptic looking for a buyer

by on18 May 2011

Atari in the process of divesting itself
Are Champions Online and Star Trek Online in danger? Not yet, according to sources at Cryptic, but Atari’s decision to divest itself from Cryptic Studios means that they are looking for a buyer. The decision comes as Atari is moving more toward more profitable releases and expansion into both casual and mobile gaming spaces, which means long-term MMO titles are not a direction that Atari wishes to pursue.

According to those claiming to be in the know, it is business as usual for Cryptic at this point; and both Champions Online and Star Trek Online will continue to operate as they always have, and projects that are in progress will continue. At least for the time being, there will be no changes and the company will continue to move forward.

Cryptic could be an attractive purchase for a player that wants to get into the MMO space, and Champions Online and Star Trek Online do represent two good properties that still have much potential. An analyst we spoke with claims that the sale of Cryptic could finally lead to the kind of breakout that has been elusive for these two MMO offerings. “With a different marketing approach, things could be much different with Cryptic, as I still see much potential in what they are doing,” said one analyst we spoke with.

No word yet on who might be in line to purchase Cryptic, but we do suspect that we will be hearing more about this in the coming weeks.
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