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Another NFS game in the pipeline?

by on29 April 2011

The Run could be arriving November 18th
Could it be that Electronic Arts has another Need for Speed release planned for later this year? Sources tell us that a new Need for Speed title called “The Run” is apparently slated for release on November 18th.

A trailer that is making the rounds calls Need for Speed: The Run, “…the race of your life,” and it seems to indicate some sort of cross country road race with cops chasing you, from what we can tell. Again, from the short 1-minute and 18 seconds of the trailer it is hard to really get the entire flavor of the game.

Our source claims that the game will be shown at E3, and whispers suggest that it was developed by what is left of the Black Box team at EA. Still, we find it suspicious that EA would bring out three Need for Speed titles in one year; but then again, if they are selling, then why not?
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