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Meego's death greatly exaggerated

by on20 April 2011

Life in the OS yet
While Nokia has walked away from the Linux-based mobile operating system Meego, there are forces which plan to keep the project alive.

According to PC World the operating system is robust enough, even, to draw the interest of several new partners. While MeeGo-based tablets have been seen, smartphones haven't arrived.  

However Nokia's exit is apparently opening the way for others to come in. Valtteri Halla, a member of the MeeGo technical steering group, said at a developer conference on that discussions are taking place and things will start coming out later this year. Intel announced that it is working with Tencent, one of China's largest Internet firms, to create a joint innovation centre to develop products and services based on MeeGo and Intel's Atom processors.

LG Electronics is working with ZTE and China Mobile in a working group to develop a handset version of MeeGo. If reports are correct then LG is actually working with MeeGo in lots of different areas and has plans to mass-produce car entertainment systems based on it. Tablets also seem to be a big area  for MeeGo.  There are devices like Evolve III's Maestro C tablet which will run on Windows 7, Android and MeeGo about to come out.

It is unlikely that MeeGo will be a big player, but it seems that Nokia's departure from the project, and into the arms of Microsoft, might not be the big killer of the OS that many predicted.  It might even become an alternative to Android in the Far East.


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