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Teen hacker wanted to have sex with my wife

by on06 April 2011

Microsoft head of enforcement's woes
Xbox Live director of policy and enforcement Stephen "Stepto" Toulouse has been speaking out about the attack on his Stepto's bogsite and Xbox Live account.

The site was compromised by someone named "Predator," who talked passwords out of someone at Stepto's hosting company. Earlier this week, Predator claimed his motivation was altruistic and he was letting Microsoft know he was willing to help them secure accounts from future hackers...All accounts are open for hacking.

However Stephen Toulouse said that Predator has called his voicemail and left many messages that aren't exactly helpful. One of them involved him having a six minute rant where Predator and his chum discuss all the different ways they're gonna have sex with my wife. Toulouse said that Predator and, people like him, spend all their day trying to get my account or someone's account who's popular or prominent. This means hours and hours and hours of phone calls and trading tips and tricks on forums.

“It's quite humorous sometimes to watch," Toulouse said.

In this case, Predator might have bitten off a little more than he can chew. Hacking in this way is against the law and the considerable weight of the Microsoft legal team is deciding if it is going to drop on him from a great height.
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