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AMD continues to lead mobile GPU market

by on28 March 2011

Nvidia pins hopes on Sandy Bridge

According to the recent figures churned out by beancounters, AMD is still enjoying a comfortable lead in the mobile discrete GPU market.

AMD currently holds about 60 percent of the market, but analysts are divided on the outlook for next few quarters. While some believe AMD’s share will increase by 8 percent, others expect it to decline by 6 percent.

For one thing, it might be a bit too early to estimate the effect of Fusion parts on AMD’s low-end discrete graphics sales. There’s also the competition to think about. Nvidia has rather high hopes for its discrete mobile GPUs, thanks to numerous design wins for Intel Sandy Bridge notebooks, but it is unclear how the Sandby Bridge delay will affect Nvidia’s plans in the first half of the year.

While Nvidia expects to capitalize on Intel’s new architecture towards the end of the year, emerging as the market leader, AMD will probably put up quite a fight and at this point it’s hard to say who will end up on top.
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