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Vodaphone hacked in tax protest

by on11 March 2011

UK hackers claim it dodged a £6 billion tax bill
UK Uncut hacked into the Vodafone site yesterday and posted numerous messages before the outfit could shut them down. The outfit claims Vodafone has "dodged a £6 bn tax bill" managed to temporarily hack into the telecom giant's corporate and social responsibility website.

Will Davids of UK Uncut said the group had managed to access around eight of the blogs and post comments comparing what it claims is Vodafone's £6bn unpaid tax bill with the £5bn of cuts being faced by charities. He said that no amount of corporate and social responsibility can make up for the fact that the unpaid tax bill could cover the cuts to charity.

The outfit normally shuts down shops with street-based activists. But the opportunity just arose [to hack into the website] and it just thought it would give it a go.

The protesting blog posts included photos and videos of UK Uncut's actions at Vodafone's stores as well as details of some of the cuts that could be avoided if the Government chose to make Vodafone pay more tax. They were able to do this when the password to the site was leaked. Vodafone – which has denied avoiding tax – acted swiftly to delete the posts.

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