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Arkham City will not have multiplayer

by on15 February 2011

It is certain to be a single player experience
A number of rumors and idle chit chat have been filling the web as of late that the upcoming Rocksteady title, Batman: Arkham City, would offer a multiplayer experience; and there is fake video evidence floating around so that it is easy to see how people might conclude that it is going to happen.

After checking with our sources, we can confirm that Batman: Arkham City will be a single player only experience and isn’t going to include any type of multiplayer support. We have learned that this has also been confirmed by Srfton Hill of Rocksteady in a recent IGN interview. There just was no time to add the type of a multiplayer experience the way that they wanted to present it this time around.

Arkham City is in the final phase of development, is currently on track, and should make its release date of October 3rd. When released, Arkham City will be available for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC platforms.

Check out the IGN Interview here with some great stuff on the upcoming game.
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