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Art Lebedev's keyboard hits Ebay

by on30 January 2008


Optimus Maximus reselling


The geek's dream called Optimus Maximus, or so called the "any key" keyboard has found its way onto eBay. We are talking about the $1,500 model with OLED on each and every key.

The praised Art Lebedev's baby called Optimus Maximus has been eBay-ed; apparently some guy received one in the early shipment and has placed it on eBay. Last time we checked the bid was at $1,900, and it ends up on 4th of February, five days from now. Unfortunately, you will still have to wait for Art Lebedev to release the final firmware.

You can find it here, and feel free to curse the price tag.

Last modified on 31 January 2008
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