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Asus expands Eee PC range

by on30 January 2008

No touch screen for the Eee PC

According to a story on Digitimes, Asus is looking at expanding its Eee PC family outside of the notebook market. The product names, if they're correct, sound a bit cheesy to us, to say the least. First up is the E-DT where we presume DT stands for DeskTop, as this is a desktop system.

The E-DT is scheduled for an April or May release this year and it will be based on the Intel Shelton '08 platform, which means that it should come with a 1.6GHz Diamondville processor and the Intel 945GC chipset. Asus is looking at selling the E-DT for no more than US$300 but is hoping to start at US$199.

Next up is the E-TV, which will launch sometime in September. This is a 42-inch LCD TV with a built-in Linux based PC, and Asus doesn't expect it to have more than a US$200 price premium over other 42-inch LCD TVs. We're not quite sure who would want this, though, as we doubt it will be powerful enough to play back streaming HD video.

Finally, we have the E-Monitor; and no, this isn't a monitor to go with the E-DT, instead this is something like the Apple iMac or Dell XPS One. It's a PC integrated into the back of a display and it will end up with a 19 to 22-inch screen, although the final screen size doesn't seem to have been decided upon as yet. It should come with a built in TV-tuner and should retail for a reasonable US$499 when it launches in September.

On a side note, the same news story mentions that Asus will not launch a touch screen version of the Eee PC, as there's apparently no demand for it, according to Asus's market research.

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