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NBC coming back to iTunes

by on23 January 2008


Good news for iTunes users who miss NBC content

After NBC
refused to renew their contract with Apple and started making NBC content available to every other competing service under the sun we were very doubtful that you would see NBC content back on iTunes any time soon. However, it looks like reason has prevailed and NBC content is coming back to iTunes. We saw a hint of this when the Universal Group content began being available on iTunes again.

It is obvious right now that iTunes is the preferred method for consumers who want to buy digital music and video. Much of the success is being driven by the iPod family of devices. While no specific details of the deal were released, the initial split was said to be over the fact that both Universal and NBC wanted more money for their content. While we don’t know if they got a bigger slice of the pie or not, the main thing is that they are back on iTunes; so we will not miss any episodes of Heroes.

Last modified on 23 January 2008
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