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Toshiba's iPad attack fails

by on15 November 2010

Folio 100 has huge return rate
Toshiba's overpriced Folio 100, which was supposed to be the outfits attack on the iPad, is being returned in droves.

Slashgear hacks heard rumours that the Android gear, has been yanked from the shelves by UK retailer PC World. When they popped into their local branch they found one on the shelves it just had a daft price tag of £999.99. According to the sales staff they spoke to, the £999.99 sticker was meant to dissuade stores from putting the products out.

Apparently PC World has supposedly been seeing a considerably number of returned units since the Folio 100 went on sale, not helped by poor viewing angles and low pixel density in the display, cheap plastics used in the casings. It also has bugs throughout the OS.

Quite why the beast was ever stuck on sale is anyone's guess. The iPad is overpriced and useless, so why anyone would want something that is even more expensive and less useful.
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