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HD 5970 drops to €389

by on09 November 2010

AMD rolls out the red carpet for GTX 580
A quick glance at our price search engine has revealed a rather interesting price drop.

AMD's HD 5970 is currently available for €389 in Austria and we're expecting the drop to go into effect in other markets soon, but we are still not sure about the new MSRP, so take the €389 figure with a grain of salt.

In spite of this, it clear we are looking at a significant price drop, as AMD's flagship dual-GPU board was priced around the €500 mark.

Although it's not in the prime of its youth, the HD 5970 is still quite a performer and it can easily match or outpace Nvidia's new GTX 580 in some games.

Although it would be quite pointless to say that either the GTX 580 or HD 5970 are cheap, the price drop will certainly put a bit more pressure on Nvidia and hold the line until Cayman and Antilles boards enter the fray.
Last modified on 09 November 2010
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