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PSP Phone images likely real

by on28 October 2010

Sony declines any comment on subject
A number of images of what is reported to be a prototype PSP Phone are making their way around the Internet. Sources that we have been talking with in the last 48 hours tell us that the images are, in fact real, and the images are of a prototype Sony Ericsson Android 3.0 slider that is becoming known as the PSP Phone.

The combination of rumors suggest that the specs are in line with what we have reported previously, meaning that it is a 1GHz Qualcomm MSM8655 with 512MB of RAM. It does not use the Memory Stick slot, but instead supports the use of microSD cards, keeping with the standard for cell phones these days. The device is said to include a D-Pad as well as bumpers. It is said to offer touch screen support; but it is still unclear exactly what kind of touch screen support it offers.

Of course, since it runs what is being called a customized version of the Android OS, it will not offer support or compatibility with previous PSP releases, but it is likely that at least some titles might be converted to the platform at some point.

As for official confirmation, as you might have expected there isn’t any from Sony. In fact, the company is not even willing to confirm the existence or possibility that they might be working on such a device. Sony is using their standard “no comment” line and suggesting that what everyone is talking about is just “rumors and speculation.” Last time that we saw pictures this detailed making their way around, it did turn out to be accurate.

We suspect that while this is likely a prototype, there is clearly something in development that resembles a PSP Phone.

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