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Netflix offers unlimited streaming

by on14 January 2008


To counter Apple's move into movie rental

Online DVD rental service Netflix is set to lift its limits on streaming video on Monday.

The move is widely seen as an attempt to counter Apple's expected move into the movie rental business, which is likely to be announced during Steve Jobs' presentation in San Francisco on Tuesday.

Netflix is abandoning the limits which were based on the amount users spent on DVD rentals over a certain period, and instead is allowing all customers to watch as many as they like with no additional charges. At the moment, the Netflix online library contains over 6,000 titles, which makes for an impressive treasure trove of flicks for all connoisseurs of the 7th art.

The only limitation is imposed on customers who spend under $4.99 per month and this sounds like a fair deal. Apple will reportedly charge $3.99 per movie that can be downloaded and played for up to 24 hours.

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