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WoW puts teen in a coma

by on14 January 2008


"I'm addicted"


A 15-year old Belgian boy from La Louvière crashed into a day long coma following a World of Warcraft binge.

We've heard similar stories before, and in some cases they even had a fatal outcome, but we're still not used to hearing such news, and hopefully we never will be. Usually, it's the slightly older gamers in their late twenties and early thirties that collapse after long hours, or should we say, days of gaming.

"I'm addicted," said the unfortunate teen in an interview with the Belgian La Capitale newspaper. He claims that he usually plays till five or six A.M. and then crashes into bed. He also says that on several occasions he kept playing through the morning without sleeping, thanks to drinking a large quanity of coffee and energy drinks.

His mother claims that she thas ried to take his computer away from him, but that the youth then turned aggressive. We hope that she will finally succeed in her efforts, following this incident.

More here. (German)

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