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Nvidia introduces the GT 430

by on12 October 2010

Fails to impress
Nvidia has finally introduced the last part in the Fermi puzzle and it appears that the GT 430 has failed to match AMD’s Redwood.

The GF 108-based GT430 fetures 96 stream processors, 16 texture units, 4 ROPs and a 128-bit memory bus with 1GB of DDR3 on top. It’s a small affair, a low profile card with a miniscule cooler and it’s reference design is quite a bit more compact than AMD’s Redwood.

However, the GT430 ends up somewhat slower than AMD’s HD5570/HD5670 boards based on Redwood PRO and XT chips respectively. This basically means that it can’t stand up to a year old design. It does appear to have one advantage over Redwood: it consumes 5W less power.

The GT 430 is currently shipping at prices starting at €61 in the European market which is about the same as an HD 5570.

We would gladly say that it’s a nice HTPC card, but frankly there’s no point in spending €60+ on an HTPC board when €25 cards such as the 8400GS and HD 4350 will do the job.
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