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Microsoft CEO’s bonus cut in half

by on01 October 2010

Now he can’t get that spaceship he always wanted
Steve Ballmer, the man that surely needs no introduction has managed to let slip half of his maximum possible bonus by making a few wrong moves. Namely, it was the Kin fiasco and failure to move fast enough to answer Apple’s iPad.  

Needless to say that the competition hasn’t quite been shaking in fear from Kin, but the other reason for the bonus cut ended up being quite important, if not even more. The company called it failure to take advantage of new form factors, which in Microsoft’s book probably means - why didn’t we nick that idea as well?

So, the “poor guy’s” bonus could’ve been anywhere from 0% to 200% of his paycheck, but he ended up getting “only” a 100%, amounting to $670,000 of “poorness”. Strangely enough, this happened despite the fact that he managed to hit record $62.5 billion in sales by launching new Windows and Office and with his efforts in cloud computing and gaming field.

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Last modified on 01 October 2010
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