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Most smartphone users don’t care about apps

by on23 September 2010

Just looking for an all-rounder
A survey conducted by Deloitte has revealed some interesting trends in the smartphone market. It appears that many users don’t buy smartphones for their flexibility and apps, but rather because they just get better hardware.

The survey found that only 18 percent of smartphone buyers claim to have been swayed to purchase a smartphone due to app functionality. Most went for smartphones because they offered better hardware and more functionality. However, despite this some 65 percent smartphone users download and use apps on a regular basis.

Users also appear to be ditching specialized gadgets such as MP3 players or standalone GPS devices in favor of smartphones. It turns out that 42 percent of smartphone users have reduced or completely eliminated the use of MP3 players, while 28 percent have ditched their GPS devices. Users are also turning away from handheld game consoles and FM radios.

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