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Price cuts coming for DSi & DSi XL

by on31 August 2010

Nintendo to slash prices September 12th
Our sources are confirming what a number of other sources are also reporting: Nintendo will make way for the upcoming release of its 3D handheld by slashing the prices of the DSi and DSi XL. The move will see the DSi drop to $149.99, while the DSi XL will be lowered to $169.99.

The move really comes as no surprise as Nintendo heads into the holiday season and wants to maximize the sales of the DSi and DSi XL models. A price cut is pretty much always good for sales and it gets those on the fence to buy, and those who want to upgrade to do so.

The price cuts are set for September 12th and are expected to be the last cuts that Nintendo will make on the handheld models before the end of the year.
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