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Apple to go Blu at Expo?

by on04 January 2008
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Maybe a move toward Blu-ray at Macworld

In a move that may or may not come as a surprise to some, rumors are now coming to light that Apple is set to announce that it will throw its support behind the Blu-ray camp in an announcement at the upcoming Macworld Expo. Sources say that Apple will also announce an HD strategy that will include new Macs that will be shipping with Blu-ray drives.

If the announcement is made, this could deal another blow to an already battered HD DVD camp who had hoped that Apple would at least return to a format neutral stance, even though Apple does have a seat on the Blu-ray consortium. Many expected that this would happen, anyway because Steve Jobs is a Director at Disney and Disney supports Blu-ray; while at the same time Microsoft is backing the HD DVD camp.

Still, some hope that Apple will opt for a combo HD drive and choose to exclude itself from the potential of becoming more involved in the HD format wars.

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Last modified on 04 January 2008
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