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130,000 players are playing APB

by on25 August 2010

Players playing 4 hours per day
Realtime Worlds is trying to get the word out that APB might not have been as much of a dog as people are painting it. Apparently, the game has already attracted 130,000 users since release, and these players are playing an average of 4 hours per day on the title.

The news does seem to support the idea that maybe with some additional work or perhaps a new business model the game could be even more successful. According to the numbers released by the administrator, the average APB player is spending about $28 per month in the APB marketplace, and this does seem to indicate that there could be some potential here. Of course, no information was released on exactly what percentage of players is spending money.

Administrator Begbies Trynor claims that these numbers do show that the APB is healthy and has potential, and because of this they see value in keeping the game running while they seek a buyer to take it over. It is unknown exactly how many potential publishers have looked at buying APB, but apparently there is at least some interest; and with the release of these numbers, it is likely that interest will grow.
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