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Last Midway title apparently now canceled

by on25 August 2010

This Is Vegas might have burned through $50 million
Our sources are now confirming to us what others have been whispering about for days. Word is now that Warner Bros. Interactive has apparently pulled the plug on the last Midway title that was in production prior to the company’s liquidation. The title, “This Is Vegas,” was in development for Midway prior to being purchased by Warner Bros. Interactive in its asset purchase from Midway.

We knew that This Is Vegas was an open-word title that was in development by Surreal Software and that the developers at Surreal Software were placed in a number of other studios when Warner closed the studio. At the time it was thought that the development of the title was still continuing and it was just being moved to another studio.

From what we have learned, Midway apparently spent as much as $43 million dollars on the game before they unloaded it to Warner. Then, apparently Warner was dumping as much as $250K per month into the title before the plug was pulled. While the exact amount isn’t known, in all “This Is Vegas” could have burned though as much as $50 million dollars; but no one seems to want to go on the record to confirm that this is the case.

While some previews of the title did show some promise, it was hard to really know if it would be successful or not, as it was still a long way from release. No matter how you spin it, this is an incredible amount of money to pour into a title that never will see the light of day. While it seems the title has just dropped from sight, it is expected that Warner will at some point announce its official cancelation; but look for that to appear buried in the next report to investors.
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