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Geforce GTX 460 sells good

by on29 July 2010
Multiple confirmations and slow summer
Nvidia's Geforce GTX 460 is selling good. After the not so great start of Nvidia's Fermi generation, this chip looks to be a winner. GF104 is cacheless and fixes many of the Fermi issues, especially the high TDP and terefore it was well accepted by the market.

Some companies have overclocked it to 800+ MHz, significantly boosting the performance and this is something that the market wants. This chip is putting a lot of pressure on HD 5830 products but even this product slowly recovers as ATI dropped its price to $199 to make it more price competitive.

Overall graphics sales have slowed down as people are rather spending money on all inlclusive hotels on Ibiza and buying graphics when it gets colder (this at least applies to Europe).

After Geforce GTX 460 comes the 384-shader version to replace the GTX 470, but this is probably something that will happen in the fall. Nvidia still wants to see ATI’s October new product line, and what this company can do to fight with its mainstream and downwards GF104 and yet to launch GF106 and GF108 chips.

The latter part of this year might actually get interesting, but you better enjoy your all inclusive cocktails before we get to the really interesting part.
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