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Japan buys more PSPs

by on27 December 2007


DS from Nintendo still in the handheld lead

has to be very pleased that it was able to double its sales of the PSP (PlayStation Portable) in Japan, which is an important market for Sony.

Sony was able to double the number of PSPs sold, from 91,481 units to 184,610 units. The boost is a bit of a mystery to Sony, as they did no additional advertising nor did they have the release of an eagerly awaited title to help boost sales. Instead, the sales just kept going up and up, which is a big surprise when you only have three PSP titles on Japan’s top 50 best selling titles.

Nintendo can’t be feeling too threatened, as they continue to own the handheld gaming market in Japan with an amazing 222,144 units sold in the same time period, with 28 games out of Japan’s top 50 best sellers. Nintendo has continued to rule the handheld market in Japan and this market continues to grow.

Last modified on 28 December 2007
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